At Groom ‘n Vroom, we use only natural, organic shampoos and treatments. No harsh chemicals or pesticides, only natural oils and herbal extracts that work safely and effectively on your dogs coat and skin to provide a thorough cleansing wash. We offer several different varieties of shampoos ranging from D-Limonaide for use as a flea treatment to Royal Chrysanthemum which can also be used as an effective flea treatment however is an effective odor removal shampoo. Other shampoos and conditioners we use are a Hypo-Aloegenic Shampoo for use on puppies and dogs which are prone to eye irritation, High Yield Whitening Shampoo which brings out the bright coats of such breeds as the West Highland Terrier, Maltese and Bichon Friese. A Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is also available as a very effective non-toxic treatment against minor insect bites, hot spots and other skin conditions. Oatmeal Shampoo is an effective treatment for the aid of dry, itchy, irratated skin caused by fleas, steroid treatments or allergies.You have your choice of shampoos and or conditioners at no additional cost to you (additional charges may apply for flea baths due to additional soaking time).