To schedule an appointment with Groom ‘n Vroom, we will ask you some simple questions regarding you and your dog, including where you live, what breed your dog is, when was it last “professionally” groomed and whether it has any special needs that require additional attention. This information helps us to determine both an estimated price and suggest any products that may be beneficial to your dog. Once we have gathered this information, we can then schedule your appointment.

  Because we want to ensure a safe, pleasurable grooming experience for your dog, we recommend they be on a regular grooming schedule according to the breed’s requirements. Regular grooming not only ensures both a quality coat and skin, but also that your dog is not subjected to unnecessary procedures (i.e. dematting), to get him or her looking their best.

  Remember, a small amount of effort on your part will help ensure your dog’s grooming experience is a pleasurable one!

Note : We do require proof of current rabies vaccination, prior to dog’s initial groom. Vaccination records can be faxed to (813) 856-3530, or we can simply contact your vet’s office for you and verify the vaccinations are current.