Bath & Groom Charges:
Bath (Bath, Ears, Nails): All prices include the following services:
Bath, blow dry, 15 minutes of brush out, ear cleaning & hair plucking where necessary, pads trimmed & nails clipped or filed, and a sanitary clip. Of course all dogs are topped off with cologne (with owner’s approval) and a bandana or bow.
Groom: Please call for specific breed pricing.
(Prices include all the above services plus the standard breed specific hair cut or owner’s specific request).

Additional Services & Charges:
Flea baths: $5-10 depending on the size of dog and time required to soak. These charges will be discussed at the time of the groom.
Anal Glands Expressed: $8
Teeth Brushing: $8
Nails Polished: $8
Nail Trim only: $10
Soft Paw/Claw Treatment (for Dogs & Cats): $20 (lasts up to10 weeks)
Special Handling Fees: $15-25, depending on the size dog and situation.
Cancelled appointments
without prior 24 hour notice will be assessed a trip fee of $35
“No Show” appointments will be assessed a trip fee of $35