Welcome to Groom ‘n Vroom, the stress free, fast & convenient alternative to “primping your pup”. At Groom ‘n Vroom, we understand that between family obligations & work, sometimes making arrangements for “Rover’s” monthly groom is not always a top priority. For some, the thought of dropping their beloved family pet off at the groomer to sit in a cage for hours at a time with noisy dryers blowing and other, sometimes aggressive, barking dogs can be a stressful and painful decision to make. That is why at Groom ‘n Vroom, we strive to make your dog's grooming experience a relaxing one. Think about it…you work hard all week and deserve to pamper yourself with a manicure, or even a massage while listening to relaxing ocean waves …why should your best friend have to sit in a noisy crate and be subjected to other barking dogs and chaos at a grooming shop? For all the unconditional love and enjoyment they give you, their day of pampering should be just as rewarding as yours.

At Groom ‘n Vroom, we arrive at your door step, where we walk your dog out to our fully equipped, climate controlled grooming van…no separation anxiety for you OR your dog. They receive immediate one on one attention, no time spent sitting in a cage waiting to be groomed. They are “prepped”, bathed, dried and groomed, topped off with a bandana or bow, and handed back to you without you ever having to leave your house. Your dog will look great and won’t be stressed out by the process either. For those of you who work from home or have too many household chores to do on your day off to make two trips back and forth to the groomer, this is the way to go!

  I am a graduate of The Bay Area Pet Grooming Accademy, and have worked at one of the top grossing grooming salons in the country. It is my mission to provide caring, quality professional grooming of your dog, that is both a pleasurable experience for him or her, and convenient for you.

Owner / Groomer